2014 Barbara O'Grady Nomination Form
Deadline: October 10, 2014



The Barbara O’Grady Excellence in Public Health Nursing Leadership Award was established in 1991 to recognize and honor public health nurses working in management or education settings in Minnesota for outstanding leadership and contributions to public health.  The award is administered by the Local Public Health Association of Minnesota, an organization of public health administrators, public health nursing directors, and environmental health directors that provides leadership and advocacy on behalf of public health issues.


Criteria for nomination are:

  • Demonstrates creativity and innovation in one’s nursing practice.

  • Demonstrates consistent leadership within the work setting and the external community.

  • Assures consistent caring and commitment to clients and families, work teams, and the community.

  • Demonstrates significant contribution or impact on program development.

  • Enhances the positive practice of public health (i.e. advancing knowledge, motivating others and creating a positive environment).

  • Impacts staff, students, and peer relating to their learning, practices or development.


Selection criteria include one or more of the following:

  • Recognize expertise and leadership in public health nursing.

  • Important contributions to advancing improvement in the health status of communities.

  • Advocacy for public health nursing.

  • Development of innovative programs in public health nursing.

  • Collaboration with health, education, social services, or other decision makers and service providers.


Anita Hoffmann (1991)

Public Health Nursing Director

Brown County Public Health Nursing Service


Ann Moorhouse (1992)

Public Health Nursing Consultant (Retired)

Minnesota Department of Health


Esther Tatley (1993)

Coordinator for School Health Services

North St. Paul/Maplewood/Oakdale School District


Ruth Schuder (1994)

Public Health Director (Retired)

Itasca County Health Department


Joan Janusz (1995)

Adolescent Health Coordinator

Rice County Public Health Nursing


Patricia Rudie (1996)

Associate Director of Nursing (Retired)

Morrison County Public Health Department


Patricia Adams (1997)

Director Public Health Services

Dakota County Public Health Department


Linda Olson Keller (1998)

Public Health Nursing Consultant

Minnesota Department of Health


Gayle Hallin (1999)

Assistant Commissioner

Minnesota Department of Health


Marina McManus (2000)

Community Health Services Administrator

Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services


Lois McCarron (2001)

McCarron and Associates


Mary McGlothlin (2002)

Community Health Services Administrator

Washington County Public Health


Nancy Bauer (2003)

Community Health Services Administrator

Multi-County Nursing


Ann Bajari (2004)

Community Health Services Coordinator

Meeker-McLeod-Sibley Community Health Services


Mary Sheehan (2005)

Community and Family Health Div. Director

Minnesota Department of Health


Karen L. Nelson (2006)

Public Health Nursing Director

Wadena County Public Health Department


Mary Wellik (2007)

Community Health Services Administrator

Olmsted County Public Health


Dorothy Opheim (2008)

Director, Cass County Department of Health, Human, and Veteran’s Services


Mary Ho (2009)
Community Health Services Administrator
Rice County Public Health

Ane Rogers (2010)
Director, Cass County Department of Health, Human, and Veteran’s Services


Judy Voss (2011)
Associate Director of Public Health, Olmsted County Public Health Services


Patricia Stewart (2012)

Director of Nursing and Community Health Services Administrator, Cottonwood-Jackson Counties


Cheryl Schneider (2013)

Health & Human Services Director, Todd County


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