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 April 6
Membership Committee  

April 19

Legislative Committee

Executive Committee


April 20

General Membership


May 17

Legislative Committee

Executive Committee

2017 LPHA Meeting Dates

Local public health departments work to keep our food and water safe, plan for emergencies, support families, and make sure we have access to healthy choices and quality health care. They add value to the communities across Minnesota every day. 

Video Remarks from Sen. Klobuchar and Sen. Franken to LPHA.

MN’s Local Public Health Grant: Local Control to Meet State Mandates & Local Priorities

Considerations for Leveraging the Value of Local Public Health in Local Organizational Change

Environmental Health Continuous Improvement Board (2014)

Download the CDC's Public Health Ethics Training Manual


Legislative News

2017 LPHA Legislative Priorities

2017 State Policy Positions

2017 Federal Policy Positions

2016 Legislative Session Summary



Public Health Saves Lives and Saves Money

Minnesota Public Health Data Access Portal

"New Local Public Health Leader Orientation Guide"

LPHA Library (Books and Audio)

National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO)

Local Public Health Trailhead Web

Estimating the Financial Resources Needed for Local Public Health Departments in Minnesota


NACCHO created this dynamic video to strengthen the health department brand and help LHDs get the recognition they deserve. Use this video version to share the value and benefits of the important work you do with your key stakeholders—elected officials, community partners, staff, and the general public.

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