The following are past recipients of the Barbara O'Grady Excellence in Public Health Nursing Award:

  • Gina Adasiewicz (2022)
    Dakota County Public Health Director
  • Joan Brandt (2021)
    MDH, Division Director of Child and Family Health
  • Cindy Pederson (2020)
    Wadena County Public Health Director
  • Renee Frauendienst (2019)
    Stearns County Public Health Division Director
  • Diane Thorson (2018)
    Otter Tail County Public Health Director
  • Bonnie Brueshoff (2017)
    Dakota County Public Health Director
  • Sharon Braaten (2016)
    Assistant Administrator of Horizon Public Health
  • Carol Berg (2015)
    Public Health Manager at UCare
  • Diane Winter (2014)
    Director, Meeker County Public Health
  • Cheryl Schneider (2013)
    Health & Human Services Director, Todd County
  • Patricia Stewart (2012)
    Director of Nursing and Community Health Services Administrator, Cottonwood-Jackson Counties
  • Judy Voss (2011)
    Associate Director of Public Health, Olmsted County Public Health Services
  • Ane Rogers (2010)
    Director, Cass County Department of Health, Human, and Veteran’s Services
  • Mary Ho (2009)
    Community Health Services Administrator Rice County Public Health
  • Dorothy Opheim (2008)
    Director, Cass County Department of Health, Human, and Veteran’s Services
  • Mary Wellik (2007)
    Community Health Services Administrator Olmsted County Public Health
  • Karen L. Nelson (2006)
    Public Health Nursing Director Wadena County Public Health Department
  • Mary Sheehan (2005)
    Community and Family Health Div. Director Minnesota Department of Health
  • Ann Bajari (2004)
    Community Health Services Coordinator Meeker-McLeod-Sibley Community Health Services
  • Nancy Bauer (2003)
    Community Health Services Administrator Multi-County Nursing
  • Mary McGlothlin (2002)
    Community Health Services Administrator Washington County Public Health
  • Lois McCarron (2001)
    McCarron and Associates
  • Marina McManus (2000)
    Community Health Services Administrator Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services
  • Gayle Hallin (1999)
    Assistant Commissioner Minnesota Department of Health
  • Linda Olson Keller (1998)
    Public Health Nursing Consultant Minnesota Department of Health
  • Patricia Adams (1997)
    Director Public Health Services Dakota County Public Health Department
  • Patricia Rudie (1996)
    Associate Director of Nursing (Retired) Morrison County Public Health Department
  • Joan Janusz (1995)
    Adolescent Health Coordinator  Rice County Public Health Nursing
  • Ruth Schuder (1994)
    Public Health Director (Retired) Itasca County Health Department
  • Esther Tatley (1993)
    Coordinator for School Health Services North St. Paul/Maplewood/Oakdale School District
  • Ann Moorhouse (1992)
    Public Health Nursing Consultant (Retired Minnesota Department of Health
  • Anita Hoffmann (1991)
    Public Health Nursing Director Brown County Public Health Nursing Service