2016 Local Public Health Section Records Retention Schedule is now available for use

LPHA Policy and Practice Committee members, record managers at Dakota and Chisago Counties, the MN Historical Society and MDH staff have partnered to complete a rewrite of the public health section of the 1988 general records retention schedule. The “Local Public Health Section (Schedule no. 016-095)” was issued September 2016 and is a complete update of the 1988 “Community Health/Nursing Services” general retention schedule.

The 2016 schedule supersedes the 1988 schedule, so most counties can start using it without further action.  However, some counties may require a board resolution to begin using it. Please check with your county administrator, county records manager or the MN Historical Society for more information.

The MN Historical Society website is the official site for the records retention schedule. The MHS website also includes many other helpful resources, including a guidelines/standards section and a forms section.

MDH has recorded four record retention webinars as additional resources: (1) records management, (2) retention schedules, (3) proper destruction of records and (4) disaster recovery for records. Access the webinars on the MDH website.

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